Campus Life

Daily Student Enrichment

Mountain View Christian Schools is committed to providing a well-rounded education for our students. Throughout the school year, the Student Leadership Council (SLC) of our high school, junior high school and elementary schools work with our dedicated staff to provide enriching activities for our students – both on and off campus. This extension of the traditional classroom provides invaluable opportunities for our students to build their emotional intelligence through social interaction. MVCS students participate in field trips throughout Nevada, Southern California and Utah; off-campus themed events such as Holy Bowly and Prom, on-campus events such as Movie on the Lawn, Homecoming, Read Across America, Splash ‘N Dash, and Mingle Jingle.

At these events, our students learn age-appropriate skills such as:

  • Speak directly to others when spoken to
  • Initiate social contact
  • Don’t wait for others to initiate social contact
  • Carry on a conversation
  • Don’t fall back on yes-or-no/one-word answers
  • Express gratitude towards others
  • Let another person walk before yourself when passing through a door
  • Wait until one person is served something, before serving oneself
  • Thank others
  • Say please
  • To share