Field Trips & Activities

MVCS students are engaged beyond the classroom – both in the community and on campus.

Preschool Field Trips and Activities

Kindergarten Field Trips and Activities

Anderson Dairy – On February 28 the kindergarten students visited Anderson Dairy for a Barnyard tour of the dairy. They met a cow named Kelsey and learned some interesting facts about how the Las Vegas valley got their milk. The children looked through a huge glass window as the containers of milk moved along a track. The friendly dairy workers waved from behind the window. For a brief moment the children stepped into a foggy storage freezer. Without a doubt their favorite past of the trip was sampling a sweet scoop of cookies and cream ice cream!

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Read Across America – In early March the kindergarten students enjoyed reading a variety of easy-reading Dr. Seuss books in celebration of Read Across America’s 20th year celebration.  It was truly a special time when our seventh grade mentors read with their kindergarten partner.  To add to the fun, all our students dressed up as a favorite book character! In class the kindergarten students made Cat in the Hat headpieces.  At our weekly all-school Chapel service Elementary Principal, Mary Holcombe invited the kindergarten class to the stage to hear the fanciful story of Rainbow Fish, a tale that teaches us that we should share our best with others.

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Celebrating the 100th Day of School – What do you imagine that you would look like if you were 100 years old? Well, on February 13th the kindergarten students gave it their best try when they dressed up as a senior citizen on the 100th Day of School! Canes, glasses and drawn on wrinkles were part of their elderly attire.
Lively classroom activities included counting to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and singing 100 day songs. They raced to see how many times they could write their name in 100 seconds. These beginning writers showed creativity when they completed this sentences: “I’d like 100___,  but not 100___.”
A home-to-school guessing game assignment was given. The children were asked to conceal 100 items in a paper bag and write 3 clues so their friends could guess what was in their bag. As they took turns listening and sharing what they brought in their bag, these enthusiastic students practiced public speaking skills! If we took the time, we could think of 100 great experiences we had on the 100th Day of School!

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Daddy-Daughter Princess Ball

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First Grade Field Trips and Activities

Learning About Compound Words:  Ms. Ousley’s 1st Grade class learned compound words such as CUPCAKE, SUNFLOWER, and SUNLIGHT this past week.

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Second Grade Field Trips and Activities

Fifth Grade Field Trips and Activities

Sixth Field Trips and Activities

JHS Field Trips and Activities

Discovery Children’s Museum

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High School Field Trips and Activities

Utah Shakespeare Festival – Our students had the opportunity to visit the theater on the campus of Southern Utah University.  They had the opportunity to participate in production seminars and learn props, costumes, and from the actors themselves.

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