College Courses @ MVCS


Grand Canyon University
Juniors and Seniors at MVCS can enroll in online courses through Grand Canyon University. Please visit the academic link on our website for courses offered, requirements for enrollment, and costs. MVCS is also a part of GCU’s Christian School Consortium. This partnership provides the opportunity to earn a $20,000 scholarship to GCU. Students will receive a $5,000 scholarship for each year they were enrolled in Mountain View Christian High School.

All GCU dual enrollment courses offered at MVCS are considered Honors Classes.

1. The course will count as 0.5 credit in the semester the course is taken.

2. The class will have an added .025 to the students g.p.a.
Dual Enrollment Online Course List
GCU Dual Enrollment Instructions
GCU Requirements and Parent Permission Form

Indiana Wesleyan University
Seniors at MVCS will take LDR-150 “Introduction to Life Calling” which is a course required for all incoming freshman at Indiana Wesleyan University. The Life Calling Institute at Indiana Wesleyan developed this course in response to students being unsure of what direction to take upon high school graduation. MVCS has made LDR-150 a requirement for graduation. Students who meet gpa requirements will receive college credits for this course. Please visit the academic link on our website for a course description, requirements, and costs.


Northwest University
All high school students enrolled at MVCS can enroll in courses through Northwest University. MVCS will offer concurrent courses on our campus with a classroom instructor. Students will receive high school and college credit for the completion of these courses.