Junior High


The curriculum of MVCS-Leadership Institute is college preparatory. The emphasis of Junior High school is to prepare our students for the academic rigors of high school. Junior High school students should develop the listening, note taking, and study habits that are needed to be successful at the next level. Since MVCS is an accelerated, college-preparatory school, all junior high students will take pre-algebra in 7th grade and Algebra 1 in 8th grade. A review of junior high math performance will determine math placement in Mountain View Christian High School. Semester grades for Junior High School are calculated using 35% of each quarter grade (a total of 70%) and 30% of the semester final.

MVCS offers a variety of elective opportunities for our Junior High school students. It is recommended that all Junior High school parents meet with MVCS-Leadership Institute Guidance Counselor, Jenny Christiansen, prior to entering Junior High in order to make a plan for electives that suit their interest levels.

Upon entering 7th grade, junior high school parents have the choice of selecting course work that will allow their students to earn high school credit while in 8th grade. It is recommended that towards the end of the 8th grade year, parents should meet with the  MVCS-Leadership Institute Guidance Counselor, Jenny Christiansen, to discuss the benefits of attending Mountain View Christian High School.

2016-17 MVCS Junior High School Staff
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Amanda Hanson

Eric Bloom

Jean Killam
Bible, Art

Travis Sobers
Physical Education

Chris Coleman
Music, Band

Charles Holcombe
Robotics, Science

Mary Holcombe