Junior High Prep

The curriculum of Mountain View Christian Schools is college preparatory. To maximize the effectiveness of our academic goals, MVCS includes 5th and 6th grade students in our Junior High and High School schedule rotation. The emphasis in 5th and 6th Grade is to lay a foundation of organization and structure that they can lean upon during Junior High School ultimately providing a solid base for the academic demands of High School.

Mrs. Muehleisen
5th Grade

Mrs. Popova
6th Grade

Mrs. Sarver
Academic Specialist / Computer Science

Mrs. Killam

Mr. Sobers
Physical Education

Mr. Coleman
Music / Band

MVCS Competitions

Science Fair

ACSI Competitions

Speech Meet

Geography Bee

ACSI Geography Bee took place in February 2017, and it was challenging, fun, and rewarding platform for learning about geography.   Geography Bee helped students to understand the impact of geography on the interpretation of Scripture and on the history and culture of our world.

geo 1MVCS finalists- Gabrielle Cabrera, LaNya Palmer, Caesar Almeida and Gerardo Mesto represented our school.





geo 2Caesar Almeida was one of the top ten students in the Final Round

Laughlin River Tour

Students had the opportunity to learn about the most important water source in the Southwestern United States – The Colorado River.   They were introduced to some of the following concepts:

  • Drought conditions and shortage criteria in the Colorado River Basin
  • Lower Basin state perspectives – Arizona, California and Nevada
  • The Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA)
  • Warren H. Brock Reservoir and lining the All-American Canal
  • U.S.-Mexico Minute 319
  • Agricultural water use, drainage issues and salinity
  • The Colorado River Basin Study
  • Endangered species and the Multi-Species Conservation Program (MSCP)6th grade 3
  • 6th grade 1 6th grade 2

volleyball groupMVCS offers flag football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball and cheer.   Visit the Saints Athletics home page for more information about Athletics at MVCS.