MVCS offers a full day kindergarten.

Our curriculum is Bible based and incorporates the Common Core National Standards. Technology is provided in all classrooms to enhance the learning experience. Students attend enrichment classes which include: computer, art, physical education, music, and library. Kindergarten students are assessed each year using the Terra Nova Standarized Testing system.


Students entering kindergarten are required to take the Kindergarten Readiness Test (KRT) and have turned 5 by September 30th. By the time your child graduates from kindergarten, the following benchmarks will be introduced:

  • Know that God loves them, the attributes of Jesus (joy, peace, kindness, love, etc.)
  • Familiar with Biblical stories that teach right from wrong, developing morality
  • Write name in print lettering. Recognize and write upper and lower case letters
  • Recognize all short and long vowels
  • Know pre-reading skills such as blends, vowel and consonant sounds
  • Sequence comprehension of stories (i.e. beginning, middle, end)
  • Count and recognize all numbers to 100
  • Know all primary colors and all basic shape structures (squares, triangles, etc.)
  • Follow classroom and hallway behavioral instruction and directions
  • Learn how to share their space an/or personal belongings
  • Learn social interaction with other children (conversations, patience, etc.)

Student Recognition – Kindergarten

Students are recognized weekly as “Champion of the Week”. The Champion serves as the teacher’s helper and receives in class privileges.
At the end of the year, kindergarten achievement is celebrated with a Graduation Program. Students don traditional cap and gown attire to receive their diplomas. Kindergarten graduation is the last day of school.

Supplies & Schedule

School Supplies

crib sheet, small blanket & small pillow

backpack (to store nap items)

a change of clothes

Infants and toddlers-diapers/pull-ups/wipes

Each semester:

2 containers of disinfectant  wipes,

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

2 large boxes of Kleenex

Daily Schedule

6am:  facility opens, day care (room 116/102)

8:30am:  school day begins

9:00am:  morning snack

9:30-11:15am:  instruction and center  play*

11:15am: lunch

12:00pm: recess

12:30pm: rest time

2:45pm: afternoon snack

3:15pm: end of school day

3:15-7:00 day care activities

6:00pm:  facility closed

*recesses will be scheduled during center play; times to be determined by weather and class ratios

Student School Hours:

8:30 am – 3:15pm
Monday – Friday

2016 Pre-K and Kindergarten graduation